JAAS Projects: Main Page

This page will be the main page where I link to all upcoming projects I will be building.    Expect much much more detail here over time….

Background:   I travel a good amount in a new role I moved into this year.  With the travel, I’ve picked up running again as a way to keep myself sane which is a good thing.  I tend to have a flood of thoughts, ideas, and other wacky randomness when the miles add up.   This endeavor is a direct product of this attempt at sanity creating more insanity.   But the good kind.  I think.

What is this:   Projects will be posted here as I complete them.   They will be varying levels of direct work related-ness.  Some will be entirely useful and applicable.  Others will just be because I can.   All will show off a science and art of what is possible with software (mostly VMware).

Project Madison: VM AutoWake /w RFID
Project Boulder: coming…
Project Lake Placid: Dinner As A Service
Project Penticton: coming…

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